These celebrities want to see the world naked

Which stars do we Germans most want to see naked? Google analysis has shown that Emma Watson and Justin Bieber are the names that are most commonly searched for in connection with terms that describe nudity.

If we scroll through Instagram, it quickly becomes clear that the stars are not allowed to wear less than a bikini – and they stick to it. If we want to take a look under the meager beach outfits, the omniscient search engine Google has to serve.

For us Germans, the woman who gets the most searches every month is actress Emma Watson, who has developed from a sweet brat to a clever, committed and beautiful woman since Harry Potter. No wonder that she clearly leads not only the women’s ranking, but also the overall ranking with an average of 42,500 monthly searches. In second place in the women’s ranking, her fellow actor followed her with 30,200 and multi-talent Selena Gomez with 24,700 search queries. The top 5 round off singer Ariana Grande with 22,500 and “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco with 21,400 searches.

The man that most Germans would like to see naked is only in fourth place in the overall ranking: Singer and crush of women Justin Bieber has 22,900 searches. But it is his name that is googled by far the most frequently, namely 673,000 times, without keywords. Beau Orlando Bloom is in second place in the men’s ranking, but only has 3,200 monthly searches and is 29th in the overall ranking. Watson’s Harry Potter colleague Daniel Radcliffe, who dropped the covers live on Broadway a few years ago, is number three in the men’s ranking with just 1,180 search queries – just number 52 in the overall ranking. On his heels are actor Channing Tatum with 870 and Cristiano Ronaldo with 800 searches, making them the top 5.