Survey: Commonalities in a relationship are so important

Going to the yoga class together, using the vacation for a love trip to Paris or making joint plans for the future: In a relationship it is often the case that you have the same interests in particular, according to the motto: Like and equal likes to join. But can a relationship be successful, even if at first glance there is little connection between you? We found out and asked you how important common ground is in the relationship. The result shows that you do not find differences in the partner at all bad and even attractive.

Whether Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas or Rose Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham: In the world of the stars there is a big difference in age. This is not a problem for two thirds of you either. Age is particularly unimportant in the men’s world. A total of 68 percent of men do not care how old or young their partner is, while only half of women would enter into a relationship with a large age difference. Having a relationship with a partner who already has children often seems unthinkable. But you agree: 53 percent would find it okay if their partners already have children from other relationships.

In a relationship, you often spend every free minute together. A vacation for two is not a must for 53 percent of you and you find it completely okay without traveling with your partner. Things look very different here in Germany: almost half prefer to go on vacation with their partner. The majority of you also like to spend time together in your free time: Over 56 percent can do without common hobbies and even 59 percent of men do not rely on having to do everything with their loved one.