Jealous? These tips will help you overcome your jealousy!

You have got to know your dream partner and are overjoyed because you have found someone who shares your interests, with whom you can talk about everything and who takes you as you are. So far, so good – but nevertheless this annoying feeling of jealousy sometimes creeps in, even though you actually have no reason for it? Don’t worry, because that’s normal! We have put together a few useful tips for you on how to control your jealousy next time.

Why do we feel jealousy at all?

But first a brief digression: Jealousy arises because we are afraid that someone we care about will turn away from us. It is understandable that you then develop negative feelings. It can then easily happen that the partner is responsible for these feelings. To prevent this from happening, we have put together five helpful tips for you.

Tip 1: Use it consciously

It is very important that you do not suppress this annoying feeling. Because honestly: It can be very appealing to do just that. Admit your feelings better first. So you can deal with it much better because you simply understand better what is bothering you. In a potential conversation with your partner, you can clearly communicate that.

Tip 2: talk about it

Tip 1 leads us to the second tip: If you experience jealousy because your partner has behaved several times in such a way that it has disturbed or hurt you, it is important to speak openly about it with him / her. The best thing to do is try to have a casual conversation first, i.e. without immediately attacking him / her with allegations and accusations. It is quite possible that the other person was not clear that his / her behavior was hurting you and did not think of anything. In an honest conversation you will definitely find a solution.

Tip 3: you can!

You have to know that you MUST be jealous. It’s normal and human and you don’t have to be embarrassed or hide it. We mostly associate something negative with it, but see it this way: a pinch of jealousy can even spice up your relationship a bit! Then your partner realizes that he is important to you and feels confirmed. The other way around, it is also flattering for you if your partner gets a little jealous, right?

Tip 4: trust

Handsome young man and attractive young woman are spending time together. Romantic couple in cafe is drinking coffee and enjoying being together.

A relationship depends on whether you trust each other or not. You should also talk to your partner about your jealousy because you can clear out your insecurities and trust the relationship again. If you can fully trust your partner, annoying jealousies will also wear off over time. Simply because you know where you are!

Tip 5: listen to your gut feeling

As mentioned earlier, a little jealousy of your relationship can actually do something good. However, you should make sure that it does not become a constant companion, because that would be a clear sign that something is going wrong. So if you constantly have reasons to distrust your partner, you shouldn’t ignore your gut feeling. Should his / her behavior still bother you after an open discussion about it, this could be an occasion to rethink the relationship.