10 tips on how your long-distance relationship is guaranteed to work

It is sheer horror: you are freshly in love and would like to spend every free minute with your partner. However, there is a problem because there are hundreds of kilometers between you. And let’s face it: much is easier than having a long-distance relationship. For weeks you only get to see your loved one by facetime, so that you can hold them in your arms for a few days. But such love at a distance can also work and even be really fun. We have ten tips for you on how your long-term relationship can last.

1. Communication is essential in a long-distance relationship

Even if your partner lives on the other end of the world: In times of WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype, you can talk to your partner about anything that is important to you at any time. It is important that you make appointments for the calls so that you can both focus fully on the conversation and not be distracted by other things.

2. Talk about the everyday things in your life!

We know it too well: There are often moments when you miss your partner like crazy and would like to fill his mailbox with sad declarations of love. But that shouldn’t dominate your conversations. Better talk about positive, everyday things or send your sweetheart a photo of your cereal that you had for breakfast. Tell him what you would have said to him on the couch that evening, because a pinch of normality is also good for a relationship at a distance.

3. Does not have a dispute via text messages

Having stress with your partner is never easy, but if you don’t even hear his voice, it doesn’t make things easier. Therefore, you should never discuss text messages with him, but call him to clarify everything, because you cannot put your feelings into a mere text.

4. Tips for long-distance relationships: Talk about your future

For a long-distance relationship, it is important in the long run that both want the same thing. Therefore, you should exchange ideas early on about how you imagine your future. If you hope to move into a house with him soon and be able to start a family while he’s out for fun and freedom, your relationship won’t work in the long run.

5. Meet as often as possible

How often you can see each other often depends on the distance, the work and the money. But make sure you see each other as often as possible so that the relationship feels real, but at the same time you don’t let yourself be stressed out.

6. Surprise your partner

Spontaneous visits to your loved one can be great fun. Of course, you have to make sure that you both have time for each other so that you don’t thwart your partner’s appointments. Call him calmly beforehand and give him a note about your surprise visit, so that he can already look forward to you, because we all know it: Anticipation is the greatest joy!

7. Show your everyday life

When you finally see each other, you would like to spend 24/7 with your partner at home. But also do things that you usually do when your partner is not there. Enjoy your time together, but also meet up with other friends for a beer, cook together or go to a yoga class together.

8. Use your free time alone

Even if your partner is not with you right now, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Register at a language school, cook with friends or go to a tennis class. When you are busy, you don’t have to keep thinking about your loved ones and that makes you happier in the long run.

9. Brings passion into the long-distance relationship

Even if you have a long-distance relationship, your sex life does not have to be neglected. Telephone or Skype sex should always be planned spontaneously and not for weeks. Start by saying how much you missed your partner and describe exactly what you would like to do with them.

10. Make an appointment for Facetime dates

In a long-distance relationship, dates are simply a part of it, but if you’re hundreds of miles apart, it’s not that easy. However, you can also meet in a long-distance relationship to watch a film, read the same book or gamble against each other. It may sound stupid, but it makes you feel like your partner is sitting right next to you and you don’t feel so alone anymore.