Flirt instead of waiting: These stations offer the greatest flirting potential

The punctuality rate of Deutsche Bahn was just 78.5 percent last year. So travelers have to spend a lot of time waiting at train stations. You have the choice: either you get upset about delays and cancellations or you use the time wisely. A good way is to open a dating app and start looking for a spontaneous flirt. After all, shared suffering is double joy. We therefore started looking for the main train station with the greatest flirting potential. We anonymously analyzed and evaluated the activities at the main train stations in the 30 largest German cities.

The results show that the chances of a match are particularly good in Cologne. Nearly 3,500 matches were made here within four weeks. But singles can also look forward to at the Düsseldorf train station, because here we recorded strong 3,317 matches. Stuttgart and Hamburg are not only popular interchange stations, but also popular locations for those who want to flirt. 3,057 and 2,936 matches offer a basis for spontaneous flirting. The main station in Nuremberg took fifth place with 2,785 matches.

The number of likes given can also indicate a high willingness to flirt. Particularly active singles can therefore be found in North Rhine-Westphalia. At Gelsenkirchen main station, each user gave an average of almost 80 likes to other users. The singles stranded in Dortmund (76 likes) and Frankfurt am Main (72 likes) are also busy with the like award.

As you can see: You don’t have to worry about spontaneous waiting times at train stations. Maybe the end of a train journey means the beginning of a successful flirt?